Ahim Adonai

“We the brothers of Ahim Adonai Household, want to acknowledge by this covenant agreement, a statement of brotherhood life at Franciscan University of Steubenville, that we desire to be committed unto.”


We acknowledge that out basic Christian formation as men committed to Jesus Christ, abides in the conviction that we bear integrity as sons of the Father (Jn 5:19; 15:1-11). Therefore, we are committed each day to a time of personal prayer and Scripture study, that we would come to know the lord God whom we serve.

We acknowledge the accountability we have to stand on behalf of one another before the Lord in prayer by the name of brethren.We are also committed to ‘fight the good fight of faith’ by the authority we bear as disciples of Jesus Christ and sons of God, through spiritual warfare and the power of intercessory prayer (1 Tm 6:12; Ez 33:1-22). We shall gather as a household and commit our time unto the lord in communal prayer. We will worship in song and prayer by the direction of the Hold Spirit, using the spiritual gifts among us (1 Cor 12). We shall also gather every Thursday at 8:15 to intercede together.


As a faith household within the Catholic tradition of Franciscan University of Steubenville,we acknowledge its importance to our spirituality, and thereby it is a commitment to attend Friday Mass at 6:25 as a household. Participating in daily Eucharist is strongly encouraged; regular reception of reconciliation is also encouraged.


As a faith household, we recognize the life of the body , and the individual relationships of the brethren unto one another are strengthened as one mind and heart in our household life together. We, therefore, are accountable unto the brothers to gather as Ahim Adonai, according to that regular weekly time and day that was decided upon as most serving to the household. (Sunday 8:00 pm in the second floor of the common room of St. Francis Hall)


As a faith household of Christian believers, we acclaim the redeeming death and resurrection of Jesus Christ giving us salvation and eternal life. Hence, we commit ourselves as a household to gather in celebration of Lord’s day. The celebration is a Sabbath ceremony of bread and wine to honor the Lord and one another (Saturday at 4:15).


We acknowledge the worth of the integrity of the brethren, and the strength we receive unto our lives because of one another, and therefore, we bear an accountability to the Father and each other for the brethren we live with. Such responsibility may be lived out through affirmation, honoring, correction that defers in love, practical service according to the personal need(s) of the brethren, intercession and spiritual warfare on behalf of the brothers, support in regard to prayer, relationships responsibilities, family, education and studies,according to the right order before the Lord. We also recognize the need for ongoing personal repentance and conversion especially where sin becomes an obstacle to the life of the brethren, therefore, we take the responsibility to repent and reconcile ourselves to the brethren.


As men committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we submit ourselves to all rules and/or regulations set by our household coordinator, residence director, and other campus authorities.We also acknowledge the value of such teachings and direction given to us by the household coordinator, advisors, and leaders of our university. Therefore, with a spirit of obedience and subordination, we desire to take the heart the speech and action resulting in fruit from our lives individually and within household. (You submit yourself to pastoral care by your own initiative and scheduling if you feel it would be beneficial.)


As brothers of Ahim Adonai Household, we acknowledge and desire to be men committed to vision, and hence to the cause and mission of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Such practical application and outreach may be live within the Franciscan University of Steubenville through example and service primarily to the men of St. Francis Hall, but also to the brothers and sisters of the University as a body. We are committed to bear witness to the Gospel by evangelization and service unto those entrusted to our cart bu the Lord within family, work, community, and world.

We, the brothers of Ahim Adonai Household, want to acknowledge the covenant agreement, we make unto one another as “Brothers of the Lord,” living a life together at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Characterized as men of integrity and vision, simply desire to be men that love and live for God; that He would be enough for us, and yoke us to one another as brothers.