Faith Households: Christ-Centered Friendship

Households are Spirit empowered, Christ-led groups of three or more Franciscan University students of the same sex who seek to do the will of the Father in their lives.

These communities are formed to help members grow in mind, body, and spirit through prayer, mutual support, and accountability in the ongoing conversion process exemplified in the life of St. Francis. Through the relationships found in Households, individuals are transformed and develop their capacity to be an evangelizing presence in the University, the Catholic Church and the world.

Members of households are often on the field, studying or at Mass together, sharing aspects of their lives, and encouraging one another. Many household members agree that being part of a household is very similar to being part of a family–a “home away from home.”

A household’s foundation is a written pledge that expresses the common commitment and spiritual identity of the household. The members of a household refer to this pledge as their household covenant. Each household is required to have an advisor who is a mature presence to the household. The advisor encourages the household to participate fully in the life of the campus as well as the Catholic Church.

Explore Households


New students should take time to get adjusted to this campus. Meet the people who make up the households on your floor and hall and plan to attend some of their meetings to get a feel for how things run.

Within the first few weeks of the semester there will be Household Information Meetings throughout all residence halls. Come to them and ask questions.

If you are interested in a household, SPEAK UP! Let the student coordinator know that you are interested and/or want to be a member. Don’t be shy, they are there to help you!