Men’s Steel Cross Award 2016 Winner:

Disciples of the Word

Disciples household receiving the steel cross award

2015-Pater Noster

2014-In His Image

2013-Guardians of the Divine Will

2012-Brotherhood of St. Francis

2011-Soliders Under Command

2010-Knights of the Holy Queen

2009-Disciples of the Word

2008-Knights of the Holy Queen

2007-Fishers of Men

2006-Disciples of the Word

2005-Knights of the Holy Queen

2004-Apprentices of St. Joseph

2003-Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

2002-Lion of Judah

2001-Conquer Through Love

2000-Apprentices of St. Joseph

1999-Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

1998-Ahim Adonai

199-Knights of the Holy Queen

1996-Mathetai Christou

1996-Lion of Judah

1995-Brothers of the Eternal Song

1994-Conquer Through Love

1993-Mathetai Christou

1992-Hearts of Fire

1991-In His Image