Brothers of the Eternal Song - Men's Household

We the brothers of the Eternal Song, wish to state our intent of commitment together. We hereby commit ourselves to these three commands that our Lord has asked of us.

We commit ourselves to pursue with every effort, through the intercession of Mary, a personal and intimate relationship with our Lord, Master, Captain, and Song, Jesus Christ, and to fulfill that with the graces given in personal prayer and the sacraments of His most Holy Catholic Church as often as possible. We wish to be Servants of God first and foremost, and to live according to His teaching.

We commit ourselves to each other in faithful brotherhood, not slandering or speaking in a destructive manner to each other and encouraging and up building Christ in one another. We commit ourselves to help any brother in need when possible and to be open to sharing our feelings with each other. By the command of Christ, we wish to become Servants to each other in imitation of Christ and to humble ourselves before God and our fellow brothers.

We commit ourselves to become a positive example to our fellow students here at Franciscan University of Steubenville through our service, love, and kindness. We resolve to pray for each other and every student here and, by that prayer, to come against the vicious attacks of the prince of darkness against this stronghold of faith. We realize, by this resolution, that our mission and calling as soldiers will cause us to be tested by temptations and sin. In humility, and only by the power of the saving Blood of Jesus Christ, we readily accept that challenge out of love for he who has saved all of us. We wish to become Soldiers of God against Satan on this campus.

This is our three-fold commitment to God out of obedience to Him who saves us. We take our name from the manner in which God saves all of us. As the music of a song makes beautiful the lyrics, so we, as souls, are made beautiful through the Song of the Holy Spirit. We see this song, our Lord, as the Center of our circle and our brotherhood. He has called each of us, being vastly different, into this Circle we call household, The Brothers of the Eternal Song.

We feel that the Lord has crowned us with service: Service to God, Service to each other as brothers, and to our duty as Soldiers against Satan. God has formed us, He has breathed His life into our coarse structure of words, and has become our Song, the only thing in this life worth living for.

Therefore, we pledge ourselves to a way of life that reflects our mannerisms, sports, relationships, activities, and daily trials. We pledge ourselves to follow the orders that our Lord has given us, and through the Holy Sacraments, daily prayer, and the intercession of our Lady, to reflect the image of Christ in our lives.


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