Prodigal Sons’ Return

A. Leadership Structure

I. Household will have one coordinator with no co-coordinator/assistant coordinator.

II. The coordinator will be selected when the household members gather together and discuss all viable options. The most eligible brother will be selected. The qualification are listed in the household coordinator handbook. There is no time requirement to be served before being selected coordinator. However, it is recommended in the household coordinators handbook that the one selected would have been a member in household for at least 15 weeks.

III. The committee chair will be selected with the same process as in A-II.

B. Commitments

I. Monday- Holy hour and rosary in the Trinity Chapel at 830 p.m.

II. Wednesday- Morning Mass at 630 a.m. with breakfast following.

III. Lord’s Day Saturday. Because of athletes and other commitments the time will be determined each week by the coordinator.

IV. There will be no policy for missing commitments. Each brother is an adult and will not be forced to attend commitments. Additionally, each brother is in college and it his responsibility to manage his time. If it is seen that a brother is missing a considerable amount of commitments it is the responsibility of his brothers to check up on him and see if they can help.

C. Household Money & Spending

I. If the members of household desire to earn money they will sponsor events that are approved by the campus administration. The members of household as a whole will determine money spending.

D. Alcohol Policy

I. All members of household are recommended to follow all civil laws and school regulations concerning alcohol.

II. For members and intents that are of legal drinking age, we recognize it is a sin to not drink in moderation. If it is seen that a member of household is abusing alcohol, it is the duty of his brothers to call him to virtue in this area.

E. Intent Screening

I. It is the responsibility of the coordinator to screen intents. He will use his best judgment for deciding if each candidate is a good fit for the Prodigal Sons’ Return.

F. Household Size

I. There will be no cap for household size other than that given by Household Life regulations.

G. Fundraising

I. If fundraising is needed it will be first approved by the school administration.

H. Prodigal Sons’ Return Common Room

I. The common room can be used by anyone, but commitments take precedence over all else.

II. Decorating, painting and furnishing the common room will be determined by the members of household and in conformity with the Residence Hall regulations.

I. Public Relations

I. Web pages, advertisements, invitations to events, socials- If any of these are necessary the members of household will work together to determine what will be advertised for public relations.

J. Household prayer

I. The Prodigal Sons’ Return have a household prayer that is recited at every commitment/gathering.

K. Process for changing the Covenant and Constitutions.

I. If the Covenant or Constitutions needs to be changed the members of household will decide on the changes together and will have them approved through the appropriate channels, including the FUS Coordinator of Households.

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