Regina Angelorum

“With your help, as long as there is strength within us, we will fight to the last breath, so help us O Queen, O Lady, O best and dearest Mother!” -St. Max Kolbe

“We the women of Regina Angelorum, in adhering to God’s will, are called to combat the forces of evil through the intercession of Mary and the Holy Angels. We realize that the fight against Satan’s powers cannot be taken alone. This is why God, in his goodness and love, has given us the gift of our sisters to witness to each other and to challenge one another to love as Christ loves.

We have taken Mary as our model of womanhood through her life of humility and purity. At the same time, we turn to her as an example of spiritual strength and powerful intercession. It is in virtue of this that God has given her commission over all the heavenly legions. We call upon her name as Queen of the Angels to assist us in our submission to Christ.

We also look towards the guidance and wisdom of the heavenly angels to aid us in our daily struggles. As messengers from God, they support, love, and protect through our journey toward eternal life.

As a household, our goal is to support and encourage one another to grow more like Mary in our surrender to Christ. We strive to deepen our spirituality by witnessing to each other through prayer and charity. We realize the importance of nurturing each other, so that we can fully live out God’s holy will. Through faith, we trust in Mary and the Angels to help us fight the good fight of faith.”

We commit ourselves to:

Weekly share group and holy hour

Weekly rosary and business meeting

Household fast

Weekday mass

Lords day

Daily personal rosary and prayer