Roses of the Immaculate Heart

“Listen my faithful children: open your petals, like roses planted near running waters:… send up the sweet odor of your hymn of praise: bless the Lord for all He has done!” Sirach 39: 13-14

We, as sisters in Christ and children of Mary, long to blossom and grow in the light of the Son. We desire “not to conform ourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of our minds so that we may discern what is God’s Will, what is good, pleasing, and perfect,” (Romans 12:2). We ask for the intercession of St. Michael and all the legions of Angels to protect us from the Evil One.

As we serve the Lord in our household, we must continually strive to keep our lives well balanced spiritually, academically, physically, and socially. We recognize the importance of daily Mass for the graces received in the Eucharist. We also foster a devotion to Our Lady through the Most Holy Rosary.