Sacrifice of Love

I commit myself to be a member of Sacrifice Of Love. I want to strive to live a life of submission to the will of God and acceptance of all that He chooses to give me. Just as Christ loved me so greatly that he made the ultimate sacrifice of His own life, so I too want to sacrifice my needs and desires for Christ and others. I will attempt, with the grace of God, to love all people unconditionally.

As I have pledged myself to this household, I will keep all of its commitments. I will spend time each day in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I will also attend household meetings and share groups once a week. I will go to household mass and dinner. I will also fast on Friday for the intentions decided by the household. I will keep all of these commitments as an outward expression to my sisters that I want to be and will remain part of Sacrifice Of Love.

I am committed to loving and serving my sisters here in SOL. I will strive each day to emulate the virtues of Mary, especially her humility and purity. I desire to grow as a woman of God through Sacrifice Of Love household.