Servants of the Savior

We brothers who are members of the household “Servants of the Savior” will no longer be silent to the mediocrity around us. We have recognized our call to Holiness and have chosen to reject the complacency we see in ourselves, the campus, and the world. Realizing that we can do anything in him that empowers us we will cling to Our Heavenly Father in an intense prayer life searching for the Heart of Christ with no concern for our personal comfort. We are a household formed to answer the call for a New Evangelization and we will bring it to anyone we encounter.

Mary, Queen of Peace, is our mother who loves us with more sweetness than any of our own earthly mothers and we will strive to return that love. We owe special devotion to our dear Lady who always keeps us company while praying for us. This devotion is something we will foster in each other as a household in order to grow ever more deeply in love with her who Jesus gave us from the cross.

Our first action is always a total abandonment before the Lord in prayer. This is where we draw our strength from in the midst of any trial that may come into our lives. With intense prayer and discipline we unite to answer the beckoning of God’s hand in order to draw closer in union with Him who is the source of all. Through his union with God we hope to grow in body, mind, and soul in order to reach the full potential of our manhood.

We do not wish to merely speak the language of holy men, but we have a burning desire to actually be holy. We choose to abandon ourselves to holiness and put into action everything we say with our mouths. In our afflictions we will respond with joy, in our persecutions we will respond with charity. We wish to serve our Lord through serving those around us, so we lay ourselves down at the feet of our neighbors as if each one was the Lord Himself.

As brothers we are accountable for each other and responsible for one another’s growth. We commit to be non-critical and accept each other for wherever we are in our journey towards Christ. The only way to truly have charity and help each other grow is in being completely comfortable with one another. Therefore we model our love for each other from the love of Jesus Christ for us.